once upon the stories

i am:

an imaginer & escapist, yet also a lover of feeling #allthefeels via lyrics & melody. i adore to linger over coffee whilst diving down deep into stories.

i free-fall into chord progressions & obscure narratives.
i soak up visuals like a sponge, & desire freedom like a bird.

i am obsessed with faces, & delighted by aesthetic spaces.

i dream of celebrating what we love, as that is what makes us fabulous.
(& we all love something. or someone.)

i'm here to help you see that your heart looks good on your sleeve,

& you may call me Mel.

welcome, you.

winterblondewriter About-1.jpg

i write super-short stories.

(inspired by my beloved music videos)

& i draw faces.

(inspired by my kooky heart-felt words) 

i call myself

winter blonde writer

because I thought of the name “winter blonde” a few years ago and it’s been haunting me to use it ever since. In my mind it was all about the ocean and the moody colours of the beach in winter, not hair colour! Yet somewhat weirdly … I’ve recently gone from being a dark brunette to very blonde. 💁🏻↠💁🏼

My personal name is Melissa Jane London.

it’s a preferred surname, not actual … yet ;)


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I live on the mid-south coast of Australia in a crumbling rented home with a (posh) teddy-bear named Henry and a well-loved Netflix subscription. I feel really lucky to have the ocean 30 minutes away to my west and the hills 30 minutes away to my east.

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I've been a grownup for nearly a few decades, though my inner teenager hinders any attempt at proper adulting. I occasionally try to integrate "mature" things into my life - such as swapping in 'Vera Wang for Wedgewood' crockery (in place of IKEA hodgepodge pieces), and I've just started dipping my toe into the minimal wardrobe movement.

Generally I get into things once they're very passé.
It's just how I roll.


winterblondewriter About-4 portrait.jpg

I've loved faces and stories and music since I can remember.

My taste is bent towards supernatural and fantasy - and always has been if the first story I ever wrote is an indication (defying my Christian upbringing 😉). 

a story I wrote when I was about 8? - sweetly flits between third and first person! click on the image to view larger

a story I wrote when I was about 8? - sweetly flits between third and first person!
click on the image to view larger


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IMHO I've been through a fair share of tragedy, life lessons and sadness. But someone at sometime must have instilled in me a resilience and perhaps stubbornness(!) that there is always hope for a better and happier life experience and it's something I believe is well worth waiting/ trying/ working for. Always.


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  • Music Videos are my saving grace.

  • Scotland & Scandinavia are my hiraethean* homes.

  • Moody Skies soothe my soul.

  • Caramel Sauce is my weakness.

A homesickness for a home you can't return to, or that never was.


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In my ideal day,

I jump around in my lounge room to music videos (and call it exercise) before spending the morning chatting - with you? - on instagram and email, filling the rest of the day with: (real life) coffee meet-ups with friends; writing; drawing; making fun-melancholic-daggy but always heartfelt videos, before feeding my face with a bowl of yumminess whilst binging on The Vampire Diaries. 


winterblondewriter About-8 portrait.jpg

Currently crushing on,

  1. The cast of Bohemian Rhapsody

  2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  3. A Star Is Born (I flit between wanting to watch it ALL THE TIME, and never wanting to see it again)

  4. Radnor and Lee


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My goal, my dream, my desire

in this online space is to help you embrace whatever crazy thing it is that you love and to be simply happy with yourself and your world (both on and offline).

I have a mailing list which I'm not going to try naming it something else in hopes to trick you onto it.

However … drum roll … I do have an inevitable free gift —>
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‘Twill be good, it will!


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