once upon the stories
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because i'd love you to know ...

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... that you're okay,

i wrote you some stories ...

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with kooky peeps

who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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i've saved you a seat. 

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join me? 

I’m sharing a series of super-short stories about coffee shop meet-ups with peeps who are as kooky as they are emotional, each one uncovering a piece of their heart, and finding their way in this world … just like us!

There's room for you at my table at The Feelings Café

what you get:

Right Now
—> the first 7 stories from The Feelings Cafe 2018. 

Time to Time
—> new program & art release updates.

Always & Forever
—> goodness, from me to you.

what you don't get:
Never —> Spam.
Or ever —> Gossip.

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Hi, I’m Mel.

I always thought I’d be an artist, or perhaps an illustrator. Faces have always been my thing and my hallway cupboard is full of my past attempts at drawing and painting faces in various styles and mediums.

But one night, whilst staring at a blank sketch pad, in the centre of the page in very little letters I wrote a whisper:


And so I began to excavate my inner writer, a journey that getting here has taken way longer than I thought it would - as all worthwhile things do.

Yet, naturally, it is just the beginning …

Read more about me here.

Learn more about The Feelings Café here